Meet your CakePOP team

We pair food blog industry experience with professional designers and developers to create our all-in-one food blog package. 

Cheryl Malik

Food Blogger and Brand Development Specialist

Digital marketer and brand developer turned full-time food blogger, Cheryl’s pretty sure she has the best job ever. Cheryl’s work within the food blogging niche marries her experience in the branding sector to give her vision for growth and goals that help bloggers zero in on their niche and head to the next level. Her work as a food blogging coach lets her get truly hands-on with all levels of success in the industry. Cheryl is currently [massively] pregnant , and she lives with her family in Memphis, TN. Her blog, 40 Aprons, brings Whole30 and paleo recipes to food lovers who aren’t afraid of flavor! She normally enjoys pairing wine with Netflix new releases, but pregnancy tea just isn’t the same. She loves to travel and hopes to soon start a nonprofit to help grow businesses that couldn’t otherwise afford digital marketing and branding.

Christina Galloway

Partner, 40A Food Blog Virtual Assistant Guru

Christina is a writer, mom, wife, and movie lover. She first fell in love with the food blog virtual assistant business when one of her best friends, Cheryl Malik from 40 Aprons, hired her to provide engaging social media, manage projects and products, and support her business with hands-on administration. During that time, the idea of creating a virtual assistance agency unlike any other became a reality. Christina continued working as Cheryl’s personal assistant for two years before transitioning to handling 40A. full time. Today, she manages the 40A. VA projects and day to day operations of the company. She dreams of moving to her husband’s home country, Scotland, one day and loves painting, spending time with her gorgeous little girl and baby boy, and complaining about her mischievous cat, Binx.

Brian Dragutsky

Web Designer & Developer Extraordinaire

A man of many skills, faithful husband, and father to one daughter (and two very loving but needy dogs), Brian is the technical expert behind CakePOP! His love of coding and website building began in high school thanks to being part of the laptop program where students received a laptop for all of their school work (this was way before the days of Zoom classes, smart phones, and 24 hour internet access). 15+ years later and coding/website building has changed dramatically, but Brian is still at it creating amazing platforms like CakePOP to help beginners and professionals alike to create incredible websites and improve their virtual presence. Expect to find Brian helping out with the live chat and constantly improving CakePOP for all of our users.